Texas Miniature Jerseys
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We are located West of the Pecos and raising tough, 
grass-fed A2/A2 Mini and Mid-size jersey milkers.
We are focusing on breeding miniature and mid-size jersey cows that have the A2-A2 beta casine gene. These cows should produce 2 to 3 gallons of milk per day, which will be just perfect for a homestead cow.  Our cattle are very heatly, gentle, and easy to handle. By breeding our mid-size miniature and small stature standard jersey cows to Foundation bulls, we should have offsprings that have the hardiness, vigor, and temperment of a wonderful family cow. With the grass-fed genetic from our Holt Creek breeding stock, our offspings will be able to support calf and a family with wonderful milk with no problem. We should have A2/A2 miniature and mid-size jersey calves to sell in the near future. We are excited to be able to produce these jersey cattle and have them available for the small family farm to purchase.
Our cows are gentle as you can see my son, Concho, helping a brand new calf get something to eat. This heifer was only 24 inches tall at birth. She is a dandy!