grass-fed mini and mid-size
jersey milk cows
...Its our business!​​

 RDF Hollyhock Smurf​​​​

 ​Holly is A2/A2 and polled. Her mature height 42 1/2" to top of her hip. Her dna was tested by UC Davis and results show that her Kappa Casein is B/B and Beta Lactoglobulin is B/B. This makes her milk more favorible for cheese production because it has an increase of protein, casein and fat content. She is a Bardyard Carpenter Smurf daughter out of a small standard jersey dam.  Holly is bred for to Kristoff  for her 3rd calf. She has delivered  2 heifers to date that we are keeping in our herd. Her milk is rich and she has a very nice cream line.
​​Barnyard Mini Miss Sugarbelle
Sugarbelle is A1/A2 and polled
Mature height 43" to top of hip
Sugarbelle is from Nathan Harris' farm in Virginia and a grand daughter of Barnyard Mini Papa Smurf. Nathan Harris was one of the first miniature jersey breeders. Sugarbelle is bred for her 4th calf and has raised her calves to be calm and laid back like she is. She is by far the sweetest cow in our herd. She has a good udder, easy to milk and takes good care of her babies. She has been known to open a gate now and then, but she is a great cow to own. She is bred to Kristoff for a fall 2017 calf.
​​RDF Fancy Face Smurf

​​Fancy is A1/A1 Heterozygous polled
40" to top of hip at 2 years old
Fancy is a Carpenter daughter that is bred to our Kristoff bull for a fall 2017 calf. She has that look that everyone loves and is as sweet as can be. She should mature under 42" for a true miniature size. She has a few splashes of white on her flanks, has a beautiful conformation and a baby doll head. She is a looker! We look forward to seeing what she produces for our herd.
Tot is A1/A2 Homozygous polled
36" to top of hip at 18 months.
Tot will be bred to our Kristoff bull in May 2017 for a 2018 calf. She is a Carpenter daugher and has the "Smurf" look and appeal. She should mature well under 42" for a true miniature cow and we cant wait to see what she produces.
​​RDF Tater Tot Smurf
Petaya is A1/A2  and Homozygous polled
36" at top of hip at 1 year old.
Petaya may well stay within the miniature height range at maturity. Petaya was named after the pink flowering petaya cactus that grows in west Texas. She gets her pink nose and pink skin from her grandsire, Barnyard Mini Carpenter Smurf.  Her 42 1/2" dam is our RDF Hollyhock Smurf. She will be bred to one of our bulls in September for a summer 2018 calf. Looking forward to seeing her offspring

​​Texas Star Petaya Smurf
Sweet Pea is A1/A2 and disbudded. 
24" at birth and growing out nicely.  Her dam is a 43" cow named GJ Susie Mae and her sire is WSF Cochise. She is a grand daughter of an all time breeding bull Hester's Ruda. We purchased her from Gary Lipham in Tennessee for our herd and could not be more pleased. Looking forward to seeing her offspring.
​​Doe Creek's Sweet Pea
​Texas Star Mija Smurf
Mija is A1/A2 and Heterozygous polled.
​22" at birth heifer out of Hollyhock and Kristoff. Mija is being dam raised and is growing nicely. Her sire is an outstanding bull that we have collected, and her dam is one of my Carpenter daughters. She has paint and personality and we are going to grow her out and breed her back to an A2/A2 bull. 
Sugarfoot is A2/A2 and Heterozygous polled.
37" to top of hip at 8 months. Sugarfoot is out of Sugarbell and her sire is Trotter's Bandit. She is also a grand daughter of Barnyard Mini Tinker Smurf. She will be bred to our Kristoff bull when the time comes. She brings us the Smurf line as well as the A2 beta casein gene that is so much sought after. She has her dam's laid back temperment and is a beautiful red fawn color, like many of the Smurfs. We expect her to mature to about 43", which is the size of her dam.
​​Texas Star Sugarfoot Smurf
Texas Star Ginger's Bitty
Bitty is A2/A2 and horned. Her dam is Ginger and her sire was my old bull named Sancho. She should mature to the size of her dam and we will breed her to our bull, Holt Creek Kaleb when she is 15 months old. We are looking forward to seeing her offspring. Bitty's dna milk test B/B and B/B like her dam and should be rich and full of cream! She is an easy keeper on our grass only feeding program.
Texas Gingersnap  
Ginger is A2/A2 and dehorned with scurs
She is a small standard size cow standing 45" at top of her hip at 3 years old. Her Kappa Casein tested B/B and her Beta Lactoglobulin tested B/B by UC Davis. These test show her milk favorable for cheesemaking because it has a higher percentage of protein, casein and fat content. She should pass these genes on to her offspring. She is bred to our bull, Kristoff, for her second calf due in the fall. She produced 3 gallons a day for her first lactation. Her milk is very rich and she has the best cream line of all our cows. All her extra milk comes to the house.

Holt Creek HAD Addy
​​Addy is A2/A2 and dehorned
Standard size cow standing 46" at maturity
Addy was purchased in Nebraska in 2011 from the Holt Creek herd and has been a great cow to own. She has given us 1 heifer and 3 bull calves to date. She is bred to Barnyard Carpenter Smurf for a fall 2017 calf. We are hoping for a heifer out of this cross. She has a very nice udder and holds her weight well on our grass alone. She passes on her beautiful light fawn color to her calves. I wish we had a whole herd like her. 

Karma is A2/A2 and horned
47" tall standard size AJCA registered Holt Creek jersey cow bred for her second calf to our Doe Creek's Marshall Dillon for a fall 2017 calf. Karma is a laid back cow with a lot of personality. She has a perfect udder an raised her calf this year with no problems. She is a fine example of the Holt Creek line.
​​GR Holt Creek LT Karma
Darla is A2/A2 and horned
AJCA registered Holt Creek cow bred for her second calf to our Doe Creek's Marshall Dilon bull for a summer 2017 calf.  She will be bred back to Holt Creek Kaleb for her third calf to keep that line going in our herd. Darla is a top shelf grass fed cow that has a  perfect udder and holds her own in our rugged pastures.  We are looking forward to having her in the milking line again.... she is just a sweetheart!
​​OA Holt Creek LT Darla
Betty is A2/A2 and dehorned
​46" standard size jersey cow. Betty was in our first batch of Holt Creek heifers that we purchased in 2011. She has over 25 years of grass fed genetics behind her and holds her own in our pasture while nursing her calf and an extra calf when we have a good year. She is bred to Carpenter for a fall calf. She has delivered 4 bull calves in a row and we sure hope for a heifer this time around. She is a keeper for sure!
​​Holt Creek HAD Betty
Kia is A2/A2 and horned
AJCA registered small standard at 45" to top of her hip. She is a nice little gal that we brought in from Nebraska. Her maternal grandsire is ISNZ Beledene Dukes Landy and her sire is Holt Creek Montana, a very popular AI sire from the grass fed herd of Ben Gotschall. She has a nice udder and does well in our native grass pasture. We are looking forward to seeing her offspring. She is bred to our miniature bull, Doe Creek's Marshall Dillon for a summer 2017 calf
​​OA Holt Creek MT Kia