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Cows and heifers:

Barnyard's Miss Sugarbelle  43" at 3 yrs
​HAD Twiggy 47" at 4 yrs
RDF Texas Hollyhock 41" @ 20 months
HAD Addy 46 " at 4 yrs
HAD Betty 46" at 4 ys
THR Texas Bonita 45" at 3 yrs
Located West of the Pecos and raising grass-fed, A2/A2 mini and mid size jersey milkers
Texas Cowgirl 46" @ 34 months 
Texas Gingersnap 44" at 22 months
This is our little heifer that we purchased in Colorado from a dear friend and breeder. She is of grass fed New Zealand genetics  Her sire is small framed New Zealand AI bull named
 ISNZ Canaan Nevvy Pioneer. She is gentle and sweet as can be. She will mature in the mid-size range and is A2/A2. We look forward to seeing what offspring she will produce. She has a cute, small face and the "doe-eyed" look. She is on track to mature to about  44 inches. She is bred by AI to Sure Shot Captain Morgan for a 2016 summer calf.
Meet Sugarbelle that joined our herd December 2015. She is being bred to Trotter's Bandit for a late summer 2016 calf. She is a daughter of Barnyard's Tinker Smurf and was born in Virginia. Her dam is a Barnyard cow named Brown Sugar. She is from Nathan Harris' herd. I am so blessed to have her in my herd here in Texas. 
Here is Addy. She is one of our Holt Creek cows out of Nebraska.  She has had 3 calves for us here at the ranch. Her first calf is our Texas Cowgirl that we retained for breeding.
Addy is A2/A2 and is from the grass only lineage of Ben Gotchall. She does really well in here and is the "Boss Cow" in our herd. She gives just short of 4 gallons a day on her grass only diet and has a nice, high tight udder. She stands at 46"
Here is our big girl, Twiggy. She is out of Ben Gotschall's grass fed herd in Nebraska as well. She is A2/A2 and stands at 47 inches tall. She gives 4 gallons a day on a grass only diet. She breeds and calves in the pasture with no assistance. She is a keeper!
Here is Betty. She is our painted cow that we purchased from Ben Gotschall in Nebraska. She has a high tight udder and produces 4 gallons a day on a twice a day milking schedule. She has had 3 bull calves for us and we are hoping for a heifer this go round. 
Miss Photogenic is what we call her... Cowgirl is a 2013 heifer from our Addy cow. Her sire a 43 inch bull named Pvt. Pyle. She is as gentle as a house cat and has done well in our winter pasture. She had a bull calf in August for her first calf and had done an excellent job in the milking stand. She was AI bred for a summer 2016 calf to Sure Shot Ambassador. We really want a heifer out of her this time around!
Holly is one of our smallest heifers right now. She is a daughter of Barnyard's Carpenter Smurf and a mid-size jersey dam. She is staying pretty small right now and we consider her a long term keeper here at the ranch. She is was pasture bred to on of our bulls for a summer 2016 calf. Holly is a sweet girl with her daddy's dished face and baby doll eyes. She is a Red Dog Farm bred heifer that is a real joy to have.
Bonita has come a long way since we brought her home from east Texas. She has turned into a real nice little gal that has kept her weight over the winter with pasture grass only. We love her looks and she is really easy going. She is A2/A2 and is bred to our Sancho bull for a Spring 20016 calf. She twists her ears around listening to whatever is going on... Funny girl! She is a keeper!
NJL Kassie joined our girls in September 2015. She is a daughter of Warren's Tribe Butter and out of TR Mona Lisa. We purchased her from Nancy Laundry in Virginia. She is A1/A1 and should mature in the 43-44 inch range. We will pasture breed her this summer to one of our miniature bulls for a 2017 calf.
NJL Kassie  38" at 9 months
Fancy was purchased from Red Dog Farm this spring
I am thrilled to have this little gal in my pasture. She is a daughter of Barnyards Carpenter Smurf and has a beautiful 48" dam.  She is just a doll
RDF Fancy Face Smurf 34" @ 9 months
RDF Tater Tot Smurf 32" @ 6 months
Little Tater Tot is a daughter if Barnyard's Carpenter Smurf out of a mid-size BTTF cow. She is just a little girl that thinks she is big. We purchased her from Red Dog Farm in Mineola and could not be more pleased. 
BTTF Corinne 44" @ 6 yrs
Corinne is a nice mid-size cow that we purchased this spring. We also purchased her bull calf... RDF Chile Dog Smurf. She is bred  back to Carpenter for a fall calf. 
Holt Creek Karma  A2/A2 standard size
Karma is a AJCA registered heifer that we purchased form Holt Creek last year. She is A2/A2 and is bred for a fall calf to Doe Creek Marshall Dillon
Holt Cree Maebe A2/A2 standard size heifer
Holt Creek Maebee is another AJCA registered Holt Creek heifer that we purchased last year. She is in with Doe Creek's Marshall Dillon for a 2017 calf.