Texas Miniature Jerseys
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Holt Creek heifers:
Our breeding stock:
February 2012: Holt Creek heifers at 18 months old and just off the trailer from the long trip from Nebraska.
Holt Creek Jerseys heifers at nearly 3 years of age.  Holt Creek has been breeding and raising these grass fed jerseys for over 30 years. We are using these girls for breeding stock for our miniature jersey cowherd.  They are bred to foundation pure miniature bulls for spring 2013 calves. These girls are in the 45 to 46 inch range. They are doing extremely well on our native pasture that is in drought, and I mean bad drought. They are hardy and will produce good quality milk on grass. They do get a treat of alfalfa pellets about once a week so they will come up to me, as you can see in the pictures. These heifers will start calving in April and we can hardly wait for the calves to hit the ground!
THR Texas Callie (Sister)
39" at the hip at 19 months 
​HAD Twiggy 46"
HAD Tyra 45"
HAD Addy 45 "
HAD Betty 45"
THR Texas Sky's Skylark (Bonita)
36" at the hip at 14 months
Located West of the Pecos and raising grass-fed, A2/A2 mini and mid size jersey milkers
TEX Cowgirl (Littlecow)
40" At 12 months